Treasures of Ganesha

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Sitar and piano converse together with melodies and improvisations to reach our hearts directly in deep and beneficial ways. Roop Verma, sitar and Isabelle Schmitt, piano, collaborate to create a new alchemy of sound from east and west to reconnect us with our common source of love and light. Produced in France by Pegase.

1.      Hopeful (piano)
2.     Natiouchka (piano & sitar, “Dance Around Mystery”)
3.     Le Pouvoir Divin  (piano & sitar, “Revelation”)
4.     Si On Savait (piano)
5.     Sunrise (piano & sitar, “Greeting Life)
6.     Esperanza (piano)
7.     Rives de La “Source” (piano & sitar, “Knowingness”)