Treasures of Ganesha “Revelation”

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Indian sitar, percussion, piano, classical orchestra, and modern keyboards converse together with melodies and improvisations to reach our hearts directly in deep and beneficial ways. Roop Verma, sitar; Eric Aron, keyboard, percussion and classical orchestra; and Isabelle Schmitt, piano, collaborate to create a new alchemy of sound from east and west to reconnect us with our common source of love and light. Produced in France by Pegase

1. Prélude à la Vie
2. L’Alchimie des Sons
3. La Porte du Voyage
4. Appel à la Méditation
5. Pause Angélique
6. Accueil Vers la Sagesse
7. Méditation de Vénus
1st part: Vague Apprivoisée
2nd part: Voyage Intemporel
3rd part: Le Secret des Sons