Dalai Lama Renaissance Documentary Film Sound Track

Code: WS0097
Price: $15.00

Contemplative, contemporary, sounds from Tibet, India – with Roop Verma on sitar, Iran and the Americas comprise the films soundtrack, an enlightening journey ranging from Indian modes and Sufi poetry to jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms — all mirroring the Dalai Lama’s joy of compassion and deep humility. Overlaid with pearls of wisdom in the Dalai Lama’s own words and narration by Harrison Ford, this organic musical mosaic embodies the experiences & simple yet universal truths His Holiness personifies. This is a CD everyone could benefit from. It will lighten your mind and heart as the music gently urges you listen to one of the greatest teachers of all time. The words are simple to hear, leading one towards feelings of euphoria, excitement and gratitude for the lives we lead. A fold out color poster of HH Dalai Lama is included in CD packaging.

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