Awaken to Dawn

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The mind and body, at the end of night, are in a rested, receptive, open and impressionable state. The early morning music recorded on this CD co-relates with that state and enhances peace, clarity, healing and freedom from stress and tension.

This music is very relaxing and perfect for meditation.

Mind and body work together as a team. They reciprocate and exchange information (energy). What happens to one is automatically and instantly transferred to the other. When this exchange takes place in a harmonious rhythm of Nature, a person feels healthy, happy and inspired. These experiences surface from the positive and constructive field of consciousness. On the other hand, when the mind-body connection is out of synchronicity, all experiences surface from the negative and destructive fields of consciousness as irritation, anger, fears, anxieties and sickness.

Sound is that incredible tool that influences the mind and body in very distinct but subtle ways. The sound forms recorded in this album have been derived from the Sacred Music of ancient India. They have been a vital source to heal and balance the mind-body connection in gentle and positive ways for centuries.

Roop Verma plays Sitar, with Arjun Verma on the Swarmandala and Tracy Verma on Tamboura.

1. Raga Paraj for listening before dawn.
2. Raga Lalit for listening at and after dawn